A collection of videos showcasing interviews of our team members, details about our medical research & clinical trials, and one of our funding partners, Pennies in Action



An Interview with the Team

Dr. Brian Czerniecki and Dr. Gary Koski talk about the future of cancer vaccines.


Discovering A Cure Within

This is the scientific & educational version of the video on the Breast Cancer Vaccine research of Dr. Brian Czerniecki of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.


The Cure Within

The personal journeys of several women who have participated, or hope to participate in the clinical trial of Dr. Czerniecki's breast cancer vaccine.


Breast Cancer Statistics

Become more aware about breast cancer with these helpful & informative statistics.


Breast Cancer Incidence

A look at the many myths & misunderstandings about breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Important facts about what to look for when searching for breast cancer signs & symptoms.


The Search for the Cure

An interview with Dr. Czerniecki about his research into a vaccine for breast cancer.

Breast Cancer and the Patient

Patients and the medical community explain the journey of breast cancer treatment.