ImmunoRestoration Announces Exclusive License to Immunotherapeutic Cancer Vaccine Platform from the University of Pennsylvania



ImmunoRestoration Announces Exclusive License to Immunotherapeutic Cancer Vaccine Platform from the University of Pennsylvania

Company to Accelerate Research on Groundbreaking Platform

Mar 14, 2018

DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania--ImmunoRestoration, Inc., a company recently formed to lead the development and commercialization of a novel immunotherapeutic cancer vaccine platform, today announced an exclusive license agreement with the University of Pennsylvania. The agreement provides for ImmunoRestoration to commercialize certain intellectual property and technology related to the potential treatment of breast and other cancers.

The core technology covered by the license is a novel, integrated dendritic cell-based immunization system to overcome some of the known obstacles facing anti-cancer vaccines: Immune Conditioning via Activated Innate (autologous) Transfer - ICAIT™ . The platform is the result of ongoing research that began more than a decade ago at the University of Pennsylvania and is led by Drs. Brian Czerniecki and Gary Koski, the company is working closely with both investigators as the research heads into its next phase.

Michael Strand, Founder and CEO of ImmunoRestoration, said the company is excited about commercializing the platform. “First and foremost, we’re appreciative of the efforts to date of the lead researchers, the university, and the financial supporters. We not only look forward to working closely with all of them going forward but understand the immense responsibility we have to cancer patients and their loved ones.”

In a recent statement, Strand indicated, “Our sole focus is to maintain the research momentum of Drs. Brian Czerniecki and Gary Koski. This means providing them the resources and organizational support that their groundbreaking work deserves and putting in place a clinical development plan enabling the most rapid approval and widespread commercial availability possible.” After more than ten years of research and use in more than 100 breast cancer patients, Dr. Czerniecki, now Chair and Senior Member in Department of Breast Oncology of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, and Dr. Koski, currently at Kent State University, remain convinced the platform holds the possibility of being a breakthrough treatment. “If we used a 'conventional' vaccine approach, simply injecting into an individual tumor, we would be mostly powerless to influence the type of immune response that would develop,” he explained. “Our approach allows us to control the precise signals that will instruct the vaccine to do the job that we want accomplished.” Interest in immunotherapy, which uses a person’s own immune system to treat often-difficult life threatening and other conditions, has significantly increased over the past few years with thousands of trials currently assessing a variety of approaches. Recently, therapeutic cancer vaccines have received increased attention due to approval of numerous groundbreaking drugs in the immuno-oncology sector. The approval was widely seen as a benchmark moment for patients desperate for new treatments in areas previously considered incurable.

 About ImmunoRestoration, Inc.

ImmunoRestoration, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapeutic cancer vaccine platform for the targeted treatment of multiple types of cancer. ImmunoRestoration’s primary goal is to bring its platform to market for the benefit of patients thereby creating of shareholder value. For additional information on the Company, please visit its website at


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