ImmunoRestoration, Inc. Selects Premier Research for PreTrial Services


ImmunoRestoration, Inc. Selects Premier Research for Pre-

Trial Services

April 04, 2018

DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania---ImmunoRestoration, Inc. announced today the selection of Premier Research to provide pre-trial services. Premier Research’s assistance will help ImmunoRestoration as the company works with patient groups, the FDA and potential investigators in designing a trial likely to involve several hundred patients.

Michael Strand, Founder and CEO of ImmunoRestoration, Inc., explained that Premier emerged from a crowded, highly qualified field. “There’s no shortage of companies providing services in this space. Our process took almost four months as we spoke with more than a dozen of the best before narrowing the field down to those with which we wanted to meet.” Strand went on to describe how his team separated the pre-trial activity from the award to run the full trial and had to balance subject-matter expertise, strategy, and the ability to collaborate. “We’re a classic, virtual start-up with a lot of moving pieces,” he said. “We have the opportunity to transform cancer care. It’s an enormous opportunity and responsibility. We want partners that not only feel the same but with which we can work seamlessly. For this stage, Premier fit that need the best. Their responsiveness and the thought they gave to our needs when articulating their approach clearly separated them from the pack.”

The vaccine has been used in more than 100 women with encouraging results and the upcoming multi-center, multi-year trial is an important next step in the platform’s development. ImmunoRestoration recently acquired the exclusive global license to commercialize the vaccine from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Interest in immunotherapy, which uses a person’s own immune system to treat often difficult to treat life threatening and other conditions, has substantially increased over the past few years with thousands of trials currently assessing a variety of approaches. Recently, therapeutic cancer vaccines have received increased attention due to approval of a Novartis drug that also emanated from the University of Pennsylvania. The approval was widely seen as a benchmark moment for patients desperate for new treatments in areas previously considered incurable. 

About ImmunoRestoration, Inc.

ImmunoRestoration, Inc. is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapeutic cancer vaccine platform for the targeted treatment of multiple types of cancer. ImmunoRestoration’s primary goal is to bring its platform to market for the benefit of patients thereby creating of shareholder value.  

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