ImmunoRestoration’s vaccine helps women fight breast cancer by rejuvenating their own immune system. The vaccine-restored immune response then acts synergistically with other treatments to enable the body to heal itself.

Our advancements in immunotherapy are leading the industry.  While we strive to maintain our leadership position with breast cancer assessment and treatment, our broader goal is to collaborate with the medical community worldwide to save lives. During our exhaustive clinical research efforts, we are observing amazing results today in our labs with immunotherapy that can benefit humanity as we minimize the debilitating effects of breast cancer and other cancers globally. 

These are exciting times to be working with immune-therapy since we believe that we can minimize cancer in our lifetime. We, as a medical community, are about to turn the tide in our war with cancer. If we stay together, we believe that the end is near for cancer.

ImmunoRestoration's roots emanate from the University of Pennsylvania. Our immunotherapy technologies continue to develop in the labs at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. We collaborate with the Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) to commercialize our technologies and treat patients.

We are continuing to build our Commercial Team with highly qualified individuals who are committed to bringing the research of Dr. Czerniecki and Dr. Koski to the marketplace.

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